Tanasi 1796 March 25th Performance Details

Tanasi 1796

Performance & Production Details

Tanasi 1796 is a story of Captain Black and Attakullakulla from the time period 1756 from the construction of Fort Loudoun during the French and Indian War through the adoption of the Constitution for the prospective entry of Tennessee as the 16th State of the United States in 1796. The Story is augmented by period music from the Cherokee flutist, Randy McGinnis, fiddle player Conny Ottway. The live production features performances by Robert Rambo as Attakullakulla, Steve Ricker as Ensign Evans, Joseph Casterline as Captain Black, and Mark Halback as Reverend Doaks. Visual presentation features the exquisite period art of acclaimed artists David Wright, Richard Luce, Lloyd Branson and others.

This performance of Tanasi 1796, featuring actors, musicians, and multimedia on-screen presentations, was first presented on February 20, 2016 at the Clayton Center for the Arts on the Maryville College campus. All proceeds from sponsors, ticket sales, and on site contributions during the performance of Tanasi 1796 were for the benefit of the Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center.

Cast of Actors & Musicians
(Alphabetical Order)
Captain Joseph Black                            Joseph Casterline
Reverend Samuel Doak                         Mark Halback
Cherokee Flute                                     Randy McGinnis
​Fiddle/Violin                                         Conny Ottway
Attakullakulla                                       Robert Rambo
Militiaman Andrew Evans                     Steve Ricker
Drummer Boy                                       tbd

Production & Technical Assistance
Director                                                      Michael Kull
Logistics and Foyer Coordination                 Lynn Fox
Tanasi 1796 Marketing                                Andy Simon
Technical and Computer Assistance             David Rasnake
Legal                                                           Robert Pitts
Consultant                                                  Michael Rogers
Editing                                                        Louise Crawford Berry
Cherokee Historians                                    Mark and Sherry Finchum
Cherokee Historical Advisor                         Robert Rambo
Screen Writer                                              Michael Kull
Clayton Center Executive Director               Blake Smith
Technical Director                                       David Rasnake
Clayton Center Marketing                           Cheri Compton
Lighting Designer                                        Rachel
                                Executive Producer/Author                          David Black