Tanasi 1796 Reviews

Tanasi 1796


"What a delightful evening our group of friends  enjoyed at the Clayton Center.  I was so impressed with  the quality of  the research and with the  Actors and video  that brought the story to life."  - Penny Piper

"We throughly  enjoyed the Docudrama. I felt transported back in time to your people and all of those who made my parents and my life so blessed with freedom and peace. All the Actors and Musicians did a wonderful job in their roles. The Stories were told with such emotion and I will treasure them and tell them to my children."  - Ann Hitch

"The performance was wonderful.  It made clear how "unclear" the emotions of the time were for all involved.  It made it possible to see there were several justifiable interests on what to do with Tanasi."  - Mike Perrin

"What an outstanding evening.  It was especially significant to me since I am  also a descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier through my mother.  Robert Everett, whose gravestone was pictured, came from England to Charleston then to Richmond to enlist in the Army.  He was in Captain Wallace's company of infantry of Colonel Hawes' Va Regiment."  - Dawn Pesterfield

"What an outstanding night! TANASI 1796 was beautifully done. From the music  and the authentic costumes and sets and the lighting and the beautiful photography of our home land to the words of the actors, all were inspirational.  The words of [Captain Black] to his fatherless neice about freedom brought me to tears and have since been on my mind. Robert Rambo was outstanding as Chief Attakullakulla. I believe that our world needs more of him and his wisdom today."  - Jodie Johnson

"I appreciated the opportunity to play my violin for such a big event that was very moving. Several people told me different things that they  felt during the whole program, so I know it wasn't just me that was moved."  - Conny Ottway

"Nothing but rave reviews have I heard about this event. Thank you for planning it and for asking the OVTA to participate."  - Mary Bohlen, Secretary OVTA

What a wonderful evening at the Clayton Center for the Arts. The Docdrama TANASI 1796 was outstanding."  - Sandra Davis

"I enjoyed and learned from Tanasi 1796.  It is a real work of art--the script, the photography, the actors, and scenery."  - Marty Callaway

"From the moment we walked into the foyer, we were impressed with the displays and reenactors.  There was a buzz in the air. The music and stage were beautiful, as were the performances."  - Carlos Yunsan

"It was a marvelous event."  - Reverend Ron Mathews

TANASI should be an annual event to allow as many people as possible to experience this wonderful production. Bravo!"  - Albert Hill

"Performed again? Oh yes, please. I was unable to attend in February and would so much enjoy a future opportunity."  - Betsy Martin

"You and the people around you did a phenomenal job of creating and executing Tanasi. I could see it becoming a pageant like Unto These Hills or the plays that were put on in Townsend. It's a unique slice of history wedded to this place in a different time."  - Don Myers

"It was an outstanding presentation. I had no idea before it started how it was going to be done, and it was done in a very unique way, David. The whole evening was awesome, and Allen and I are so glad we were able to attend. Those of you who weren't able to go really missed something tremendous. Johnny Johnson said afterwards that this should be presented in Nashville, Memphis and other places."  - Sheron White McGill

"Sheila and I would love to see it again and we will bring a crowd."  - William R. Birkholtz

"We've been meaning to write and ask if it would be possible to do such a production again, or at least film it for showing on local PBS channel every year. We were very appreciative of everyone's experience, effort and expertise."  - Dee Ann and Bryan Otsby

"I definitely think the play should be performed again! This was an outstanding program with incredible performances by all the cast. I would pay to see it again."  - Donna Gregory

And, there are many more responses requesting that the production be performed again...